“Life Moves Faster Than Reason”

-The Writing Life of Jeffrey F. Barken, Stories of Collaboration & Chance Encounters-


The Method & The Muse:

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Short Stories Collection:
Myles Fletcher has betrayed his childhood friend, Ari Shultz. While Ari drives west across the United States, Myles flees East to Israel… Explore author reflections and book tour posts from the stories collection that began Jeffrey’s journey as a published author… Read more!


IMG_0400Collaborative Projects:
In addition to working with artists, Diana Muller, Dara Lorenzo and Casper Duizer to illustrate and illuminate his fiction, Jeffrey is the founder and chief editor of the annual online literary magazine, Monologging.org, encouraging and publishing collaborative multimedia projects… Read more!


Since 2011, Jeffrey has provided freelance reporting for JNS.org, a publication that solicits Jewish interest news stories for distribution to English papers around the world. He covers diverse cultural, political, economic and social issues as well as sports, technology, medicine and the arts… Read more!