“Life Moves Faster Than Reason”

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The Method & The Muse:

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Short Stories Collection:
Myles Fletcher has betrayed his childhood friend, Ari Shultz. While Ari drives west across the United States, Myles flees East to Israel… Explore author reflections and book tour posts from the stories collection that began Jeffrey’s journey as a published author… Read more!


IMG_0400Collaborative Projects:
In addition to working with artists, Diana Muller, Dara Lorenzo and Casper Duizer to illustrate and illuminate his fiction, Jeffrey is the founder and chief editor of the annual online literary magazine, Monologging.org, encouraging and publishing collaborative multimedia projects… Read more!

Jeffrey F. Barken, en-route Delhi-Hyderabad India, 12/2012

Jeffrey Barken, Delhi-Hyderabad India, 12/2012








Inspired Reading 

The author’s reading informs his fiction. Follow Barken on Goodreads for updates on his current research interests and to read short book reviews.

Jeffrey’s Reading

5 of 5 stars
It takes a while to shake the dreamy nature of the first two books in Durrell’s quartet, but the intertwined plots, and deceptions these characters are capable of are steadily thickening–culminating in a thrilling read. The author is a …
5 of 5 stars
I didn’t start loving this book until I was 100 pages into the second volume of the quartet, “Balthazar.” “Justine” reads like a fragmented dream. The ensuing books fill in the blanks, revise the timeline and flesh out the characters, re…
Three Comrades: A Novel of Germany Between the Wars
4 of 5 stars
Well worth the read. Some of the best descriptions of a salespersons mentality I’ve ever read!



“Life Moves Faster than Reason…”

Jeffrey F. Barken is the author of All the Lonely Boys in New York. Based on the unsolved terrorist attack that damaged the U.S. Army recruitment center in Times Square, March 6th, 2008, this gritty political thriller suggests a conspiracy among former Marines and portrays the beginning of the global financial crisis in New York. Uniquely, Barken’s short story collection This Year in Jerusalem, plants the seed for his novel, launching several reappearing characters in a series of inter-connected travel-inspired shorts. For both projects, the author collaborated with Irish artist Diana Muller to illustrate his fiction.

Barken is the founder and Chief Editor of Monologging.org. This colorful publication and small press connects writers with artists around the world, encouraging collaborative multimedia projects and providing regular arts-related reporting. The author received his Bachelors in English from Cornell University. He also has a Masters of Fine Arts in Creative Writing and Publishing from the University of Baltimore.