20151011_globe-light_editedCharacter Lenses…

The novelist approaches the art form from the unique perspectives of his fictional characters. These snapshots, taken during Jeffrey’s travels and his many walks in New York City, have inspired the author’s collaborations with Dara Lorenzo and Ronaldo Aguiar. Likewise, Jeffrey often uses his photography to prompt the weekly, twitter-fused collaborative storytelling series, “#FlashTag,” on

As the stories in This Year in Jerusalem connect and intertwine with the plot of All the Lonely Boys in New York, these brief, popup slideshows hint at underlying themes and moods as well as provide a unique character map. Accompanying quotes reveal the dynamic voices at play in the author’s fictions. Through these varied images, Jeffrey also offers a sneak peek into the new world(s) of his current work in progress, a novel titled Dossier.

The Map

Myles Fletcher

-A young writer. He is the narrator of All the Lonely Boys in New York and select stories in This Year in Jerusalem.



Ari Shultz

– Myles’ best friend, who he has betrayed. Ari features in both All The Lonely Boys in New York, as well as This Year in Jerusalem.




– A struggling actress. In All The Lonely Boys in New York, she is Myles’ roommate and occasional lover.


DSCN0500Harlan Weiss

– A news reporter, he is both blessed and cursed by the ability to tell the future. Harlan is on course to become a renowned prophet in Jeffrey’s current work in progress, Dossier.




– An aging spy, he is obsessed with finding Harlan in Dossier.