Web-design & Content Consulting

Every business has a story to tell. The advantage of hiring a novelist to design your platform lies in the imagination that he or she brings to the project. Jeffrey has built several websites from scratch and regularly provides content consulting and editing services to companies desiring to enhance their web presence. As a contractor, he provides a comprehensive set of skills. He will work closely with you to advise and design a logo as well as customize your site’s theme and aesthetics to stand out and match the nature of your business. In addition, not only will Jeffrey tailor content and site navigation menus to best represent the full range of services your company provides, he also will edit existing content and integrate social media. Links to Jeffrey’s Web-design portfolio as well as a contact form for inquiring about Jeffrey’s services are below:





Jeffrey’s most recent project, designing an interactive site for New York-based jazz musician, Rob Reddy, presents a bright, yet sleek sound. Complete with plug-ins enabling sample-listening and online purchases, as well as a column structure for showcasing the artist’s press releases, the site tells a musical story.


Version 2.2.2 50pt edge 2




In the spring of 2014 Jeffrey was hired to construct an interactive website for the Children’s All Day School in Midtown Manhattan. The platform provides an informational tour of the school, integrates an online application and also provides unique educational resources for parents with children enrolled in the nursery. The idea is to provide access to pre-nursery and pre-school learning to families at home. Now children have the tools to show their parents what they did at school each day, and adults have a safe internet destination on which their kids can explore freely. The platform also reinforces a child’s developing concept of community, as people they have met throughout their day at school, including their teachers and guests can be seen and heard again through embedded video and sound applications.


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Since 2011, Jeffrey has been developing Monologging.org as an interactive online literary magazine. The publication’s primary focus is on connecting writers with artists around the world, encouraging them to collaborate on multi-media projects. In addition to featuring beautiful galleries, artistic slideshows, and original poetry and fiction, the platform accommodates a vibrant blog presence. Jeffrey’s network of writers and artists work together to provide regular arts-related reporting, and the site also hosts writing contests, includes a submittable function for soliciting submissions, and provides uniquely interactive entertainment.





In 2010 Jeffrey was hired by the Chicago-based furniture and fixture refurbishment company, Morgan Li, to help improve navigation on their site as well as compose new content to tell the company’s story. He provided detailed consulting, helping to better map the site’s presentation and also writing and editing original text.